Khost University

Khost University (nickname: Shaikh Zayed University) is located in the border town of Khost in eastern Afghanistan. It was established in the year 2000. It was shifted from its previous temporary location in Peshawar, Pakistan, where it was named "Afghan University Peshawar" by special order of President Hamid Karzai.

Khost University has nine faculties and more than 3000 students. It has a private radio station for journalism faculty. It is the only university in Afghanistan with a faculty in computer science. It has a hostel for students, and medical students are trained at the government-run hospital, Khost Hospital. This university was officially opened by the United Arab Emirates officials and Khost governor in March 2008.

This university was established out side of Afghanistan during immigration and war. After the establishing of interim government, this university also become as secondary unites of the ministry of higher education on 30/6/2003. Currently this University has seven faculties, Medical, Engineering, Shariya, Agriculture, Law, business and management and Education, with 2545 students and 118 professors. (2008)

Established          2000
Students              3,000
Location              Khost, Afghanistan
Nickname           Shaikh Zayed University

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University of Khan-e-Noor

KIHE University is the project of khan e-Noor which is an English Medium School System located in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. KIHE has excellent and high quality programs comparable to its international standards. The KIHE is a modern, vibrant and successful institution working in the field of business, finance and information technology to develop a technological advancement, sustainability and the professional skill in the society,

KIHE is committed to provide quality education to the students of Afghanistan. A high proportion of our students come to study with us from all round of the country, We deliver programs at many offshore locations and we have established links with the other national / international universities. Research at the university brings together multi disciplinary teams to work on both fundamental and applied research projects.

We are known as a leader in the applications of knowledge though a vast array of mutually beneficial partnerships through collaborative teams. KIHE life today is about industry relevance and about gaining experience as well as knowledge. The students have always enjoyed the reputation of being friendly and there is a 'family atmosphere' within the KIHE. We have very close links to the community.

The staff, parents and governors work very closely together to promoting the educational environment. You will find that the years you spend at KIHE will be amongst at most productive, challenging and interesting for your life so far.

RANA Institute of Higher Studies

RANA Institute of Higher Studies is an institution established in 2009 and registered with the ministry of higher education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The establishment of RIHS is coinciding with the intense need of contribution to the rehabilitation and rebuilding process of Afghanistan in the higher and professional education sector.

Afghanistan with the international community is on the road of development and the provision of sustainable solutions to the decade’s long problems that have left impacts on both the national and international reputation of Afghanistan as a nation as well as a country in this global era. RIHS as an institution provides quality and standard higher education is committed to play a positive role in contributing to the education sector by pursuing specific goals with education programs that meet the contemporary requirements to practically and realistically achieve its goals and make a difference in the lives of young generation.

Established         March 14, 2009
Location            Kabul, Afghanistan

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Polytechnical university

Kabul Polytechnic is a university located in Kabul, Afghanistan and was established in 1963 in Karte Mamourin area beside the Intercontinental Hotel. The university has three faculties with 19 sub-departments, including 11 professional and 8 general subject departments.
In June 2002, the first government of Afghanistan was formed by the Loya Jirga which took place at a tent on the campus of the Polytechnical University. The tent was especially built for housing the gathering of the 1500 representatives.

Established       1963 (Kabul Polytechnic College, founded in 1951)
Admin staff       125 teachers
Students           547 new, 900 continuing
Location           Kabul, Afghanistan

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Peshgam Institute of Higher Education

Peshgam is a registered institution of higher education with Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Afghanistan.
At Peshgam, we aim to be a source of provisions of affordable educational services for Afghans. We strive to be the superior research and training institution in the country in a number of fields. We aspire to nourish talent and prepare it for exciting and challenging careers in the public and private sector through our rigorous and rewarding programs.

Our faculty comprises of highly qualified national and international experts who come with a reputation in their respective fields of expertise. Our national faculty are some of the brightest and most qualified Afghans, who not only have years of academic background but have been actively participating at policy levels in government ministries and international organizations and hence have ample practical experience. We have many high ranking officials amongst our ranks of faculty as guest speakers and guest lecturers.

Our qualified and experienced administrative and academic staff at Peshgam put quality services and individual care as their priority.

The courses of study and academic programs at Peshgam are developed after extensive study and blend latest international best practices with the knowledge of local and regional settings. This makes these programs unique, rigorous, rewarding and above all in touch with the needs and demands of the students.

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Parwan University

Parwan University is located in Charikar, capital of Parwan province, northern Afghanistan. As of May 2006, it has two departments.

At first this institution Established in 1961 in the form of Primary Teacher training center in the addition to Numan High School in this province. In 1967 this center promoted to a TTC then in 1999 it promoted to HEI. It has 35 teachers with 29 male 6 females and has 1312 students. 1188 male and 124 are females.

Location           Charikar, Parwan province, Afghanistan

Paktia University

Paktia University is a public institution located in the city of Gardez in Paktia Province, eastern Afghanistan.

Paktia University was established in the year 2004. Until March 2009, the university was sharing a building with the teacher training college. The university now has a three story building.

The institution currently has an enrollment of approximately 1,000 students with a dominant number of male students. It consists of two faculties in fields of agriculture and education. There are approximately 45 professors teaching in the university.

Established                   2004
Students                       1,000
Location                      Gardez, Paktia, Afghanistan

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The National Military Academy

The National Military Academy of Afghanistan (NMAA) is an academic institution of the Afghan military that is located in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is a four-year military development institution dedicated to graduating officers for the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Air Corps. The mission of the NMAA is to produce officers for the Afghan National Army that also have a four year college level bachelor’s degree. The academy is based upon the United States Military Academy at West Point.

All cadets who successfully graduate from the academy will receive a bachelor’s degree. Currently, degrees are being offered in English Language, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Management, and Law.

Military Training
All cadets will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Afghan National Army in one of six basic branches: Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Combat Engineer, Logistics, or Communications.

Established                         February 2005
Undergraduates                  1502
Location                             Kabul, Afghanistan

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Nangarhar University

Nangarhar University is a government-funded higher learning institution in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. It is the second largest university in Afghanistan. It has approximately 250 faculty and 3,500 students.

Nangarhar University was established in 1962 as a medical college. It was later merged with other local colleges to become a full-fledged university. It now houses faculties in agriculture, engineering, education, medicine, theology, pedagogy, political science and veterinary medicine.

Nangarhar consists of many faculties including engineering, political science, economics, teachers' training, veterinary, and computer science. Nangarhar Medical Faculty (NMF) is the second largest medical school in Afghanistan.

They also take part in an elearning program organized by Afghans Next Generation e-Learning.

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Maryam Institute of Higher Education

Maryam Institute of Higher Education is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Afghanistan.

Our goal at Maryam is to be a source for providing higher education services at an affordable cost.  We seek to carve talent and prepare it for bright and challenging jobs and careers, through our valuable and professional academic programs.
We strive to provide the nation with excellent professionals and experts in a verity of fields.
The academic programs at Maryam are being offered by highly qualified, delegated national and international professors and lecturers who are well reputed in their respective field of expertise.

The academic programs at Maryam are designed according to latest practiced international higher education system, which makes these programs rewarding and excellent and most of all beneficial and compatible with demands of students. We at Maryam are equipped with facilities for instruction of students such as libraries, computer labs, research centers, class rooms, conference halls. And by the use of modern technology such as digital projectors and other education instructional tools we tend to bring the education level of the institute to a more higher and understandable level. 

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Maiwand Institute of Higher Education

Pursuant to the decree 3393 dated 11 September, 2007 of his Excellency President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and awarded license 005 dated 11 October, 2007 of Ministry of Higher Education, Maiwand Institute of Higher Education MIHE is successfully fostering academic excellence. MIHE is seriously committed to improving the quality of higher education in Afghanistan and since its inception has imparted knowledge and skill to numerous individuals through many teaching programs.
The experience at this Institute has played an important role in the professional and personal development of students. The Institute is managed by a group of dedicated professionals and academicians who have committed their lives to the cause of higher education in Afghanistan.
MIHE will continue to fulfill its responsibilities to the society by creating and providing facilities for personal and professional growth of individuals who wish to make a career in the fields of business, science and technology.

Mission Statement:
Maiwand Institute of Higher Education is committed to providing institutional education of the highest quality to prepare students for professional and managerial positions. This mission of MIHE is to offer students the opportunity for personal growth and development, skill enhancement, or professional job advancement, or professional job advancement through the provision of high quality education.

Program Strategy:
The program strategy of MIHE is to provide institutional education opportunities of highest quality at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Non-Discrimination Policy:
Maiwand Institute is a co-educational institution and accepts applications from both male and female candidates. MIHE does not discriminate on the basis of religion, sex, caste, race, national origin, age or disability in admission to its educational programs.

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The Lycée Esteqlal

The Lycée Esteqlal (English: Esteqlal High School) is a Franco-Afghan school in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is the second oldest school (after Habibia High School) in Kabul, and was recognized as one of the prestigious schools in the country.
Lycée Esteqlal is a Public school, administered by the Afghan Ministry of Education, and is currently under the contract of AEFE, an educational agency of French Foreign Ministry. The French Cultural Center (CCF) is also located inside the Lycée Esteqlal compound.

Some Information;
Created under the impulse of King Amanullah in 1922 as Amaniya School, it was renamed in 1931 to Lycée Esteqlal (meaning "independence" in Persian). In 1968, French Prime Minister Georges Pompidou laid the first brick of modern buildings, and the new site was inaugurated in 1974. The curriculum was entirely in French language until 1985 when the diplomatic relations between France and Afghanistan was suspended under the communist regime. Since 2002, only a few subjects, such as French language, mathematics and physics, are taught in French, and the rest in Persian.

Established                            1922
Teaching staff                        300
Number of students               5,700


Khurasan University

Khurasan University is a private university based in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. It was founded in 2006 and registered as a private university in 2007.As of 2010; it offers diploma programs in business administration, English language, and information technology.

Led by a dedicated team of professionals, Khurasan Institute of Higher Education (KIHE) was established in 2006 with a goal to help rebuild Afghanistan’s educational system. As a private university registered with the Afghan government, Khurasan is an independent, self-governing institute. This enables us be responsive to meet the needs of students and their current and future employers. Taught by a highly qualified faculty, our students will get the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s highly technical and fast-paced global marketplace

Our Facilities
Easily accessible with public transportation, our facility is equipped with 24-hour Internet access, well-equipped computer lab, furnished classrooms, faculty and staff offices, and a growing library.

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Kateb Institute of Higher Education

Kateb Institute of Higher Education 
KIHE is one of the leading private institutes in the field of higher education in the country. On 18/01/1387, KIHE was granted the official legal license by the then minister of higher education during an official ceremony at the conference hall of the ministry of higher education – fully packed with a number of professors, MPs, media representatives and a huge number of knowledge lovers.

KIHE held its first concord examination (University Entry Examination) on 23/01/1387, which was monitored by the ministry of higher education mission of experts. As a result, 350 of the participants were enrolled for its first semester. Owing to a great deal of support of the scientific and academic programs by the youth, the number of students and professors is rapidly increasing. In the current year, 1389, about 1200 students are being trained under 30 permanent and 35 contract-based faculties. It should be mentioned that the academic cadre in this institute hold, as per ministry of higher education regulation, Ph. D. or Masters Degrees; those holding degrees below the master’s level are not entertained as lecturers.

Karwan Institute of higher Education

Karwan Institute of higher Education is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan in the late 2009; it officially became a college or a university. Its founder is Sayed Javed Andish, who is also the head of Education Committee of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Departments and programs
Karwan University offers bachelors degree in BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration), Economics, Law, Political Science, and Computer Science. It also offers diplomas in Accounting, Executive DBA (Diploma in Business Administration), and Information Technology, English Language, literacy and Civil Engineering.
Karwan University under the title of Higher Education Institute of Karwan and its abbreviation is HEIK commenced delivery of Economics, BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration), and Computer Science, Law and Political Science undergraduate courses. Karwan University was helped by foreign educated afghan friends and well wishers interim of getting foreign recognition for this private university. Karwan has been registered with Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan.

Established       2008
Location           Kabul, Afghanistan
Nickname         Karwan University


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